AI Backend || Version 2

AI Backend || Version 2



AI-Optimized Docker Solution with NestJS, Flask, & Neo4j

Unleash the future of software development, the professionals' choice for optimized performance and agility. Elevate your applications with a fully-integrated Docker container featuring NestJS, Flask, and Neo4j, along with out-of-the-box connections to Pinecone, CloudSQL, Bigtable, and Firestore/Firebase. Plus, gain a competitive edge with pre-optimized APIs for Eleven Labs and OpenAI.


Unlock unmatched efficiency and flexibility in your development process. AI Backend || Version 2 is crafted to ensure you stay ahead of the game, providing a seamless and robust ecosystem for top-tier applications.

Key Features:

🚀 Seamless Integration
Enjoy effortless deployment with NestJS and Flask applications, all bundled neatly in a Docker container.

💡 Neo4j Database
Harness the capabilities of Neo4j to delve deep into intricate data relationships.

🛠️ Diverse Database Connections
Immediate access to CRUD APIs for Pinecone, CloudSQL, Bigtable, and Firestore, offering you unparalleled storage versatility.

📈 Tested APIs
Rest easy with reliable and efficient access to vetted APIs for Eleven Labs and OpenAI.

🔒 Basic CRUD for NestJS
Pre-configured CRUD operations in NestJS to jump-start your development.

👩‍💻 Bundled API for Common Tasks
Save time with our curated API bundle covering essential tasks, so you can focus on your project’s unique needs.

📚 Linguistic Capabilities
Boost your application with advanced linguistic functions, ideal for data scientists and linguists.

How It Works:

Download: Get your Docker container from our secure platform.
Initialize: Refer to our detailed guide for hassle-free setup.
Deploy: Put your solution live on your preferred cloud or local environment.
Innovate: Let us manage the backend while you concentrate on groundbreaking developments.

System Requirements:

Docker 20.x or higher
Minimum 4GB RAM
Minimum 20GB free disk space

What’s Included:

Docker Container File
Detailed User Manual
Round-the-Clock Customer Support

Ideal For:

Software Engineers
Data Scientists
Cutting-edge Start-ups

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