AI Backend || Version 1

AI Backend || Version 1


AI-Optimized Docker Solution with NestJS, Flask, & Neo4j

Unlock endless possibilities in your next project with our feature-rich Docker container. Enjoy seamless integration of NestJS and Flask, anchored by the powerful Neo4j database. Go from zero to production in a flash, with no configuration headaches.


Elevate your software deployment with our AI-Optimized Docker Solution. Designed for rapid development, our Docker container brings together NestJS, Flask, and Neo4j for a hassle-free, high-performance experience.

Key Features:

🚀 Ready-to-Deploy
No more fiddling with settings. Use simple commands to get your application live in minutes on any cloud provider, AWS, GCP, Azure etc.

💡 Integrated Ecosystem
NestJS and Flask come pre-packaged with repeatable pre-written CRUD endpoints, allowing you to jump straight into coding & extending the project.

💡 Postman Endpoints
Quickly discover the capabilities of this setup using ​our Postman collections.

🛠️ Neo4j Database
Leverage the power of Neo4j graph database to manage complex data relationships effortlessly.

🛠️ Flask Configured with LangChain
Leverage the power of LangChain ​python framework to ​handle AI workflows, build your own agents, knowledge ​graphs etc.

📈 Scalable
Optimal performance guaranteed, whether you’re handling hundreds or millions of requests.

🔒 Secure
Built following the latest security protocols to keep your application and data safe.

👩‍💻 24/7 Support
Our dedicated team is always here to help with any queries or issues you may encounter. Plus we ​pride ourselves on writing the best and most comprehensive documentation website and code.

How It Works:

Download: Acquire the Docker container from our repository.
Initialize: Use our step-by-step guide to set up your environment.
Deploy: Launch your application in your preferred cloud or on-premise setup.
Develop: Dive into coding, while we handle the backend complexities for you.

System Requirements:

Docker 20.x or higher
Minimum 4GB RAM
Minimum 20GB free disk space

What’s Included:

Docker Container File
Comprehensive User Manual & Documentation
24/7 Customer Support

Ideal For:

Software Engineers, especially ​frontend and mobile devs
Data Scientists, who wanna start building their own service
Start-ups, ​who wanna get to market ​faster
Enterprises, who want to ​integrate intelligent features into their existing products, please see official consulting rates

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